Sunnex WM

up to 6500 daN (kg)

Sunnex WM

When precise and free-standing levelling is crucial

Sunnex WM

Sunnex WM is a series of machine mounts specially designed for installing and levelling of medium and heavy-duty machinery used in areas such as the plastic-, engineering- and graphics industry.

The Sunnex WM system consists of a high precision levelling wedge with an accuracy of up to 1/100 mm.

Both sides of the wedge mount are coated with a 2 mm layer of high friction rubber that can withstand most types of grease, acid, oil and coolant normally used in industrial applications.

No fixing points are needed thanks to the well thought out design. The Sunnex WM can be placed anywhere under the machine and easily be levelled after installation, thanks to the wedge construction.
Levelling ability up to 24 mm.

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