Workplace Lighting and Vibration Dampening

About the Company

Sunnex Equipment AB offers a renowned and appreciated program of workplace lighting, machine mounts and workplace mats. Our products are well thought-through quality products that enhance efficiency, improves the work environment, and reduces wear-and-tear of machines and other equipment.

The products are based on more than 50 years of experience in harsh environments and are delivered either separately or as part of a complete solution.


Our lighting program includes specially developed workplace lighting with both LED and halogen designs, in large and small formats. The products are developed to meet specific requirements in particularly tough work environments.

The range of products we offer also includes magnifying luminaires and a wide selection of useful accessories.


Our specialized knowledge is machine mounts and workplace mats for effective absorption of vibrations.

Our machine mounts have absorption and levelling qualities and are offered in a variety of forms and designs. They are an ideal solution for machinery such as injection moulding machines, presses and lathes and milling machines, but also for conveyor belts and assembly lines. Machine mounts are an obvious alternative when you need to ensure that vibrations don’t carry into the surface below, and when it’s essential that the machinery is level despite an uneven floor surface.

Our workplace mats tackle the vibration issue on a more human level. Stable and durable nitrile rubber mats absorb vibrations and reduces stress on neck, back, hips, legs and feet, thanks to their elasticity.

Our Market is Broad

The span of our program allows us to come up with solutions to most environments. Our customers are found in most Industry branches, but also in defence, shipping, marine and medical sectors.

Our lighting solutions and workplace mats are also common in office spaces, warehouses and public environments.

A Reliable and Stable Partner

Our success is based on experience and knowledge about our customer’s businesses. We listen, understand the needs, and develop innovative solutions that live up to what the client is looking for.

Quality is a key word, both in regards to our products and for Sunnex as a supplier. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

We are a strong and stable partner with our own manufacturing process in Sweden and China. Our head office, storehouse and developmental apartment is in Karlstad, Sweden. Our head office, warehouse and development are located in Karlstad. Through our subsidiaries and distributors our products are sold worldwide.

Since 2001 we are a part of the Amplex Group.

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