Sunnex Equipment AB began as Sunne Gummifabrik (a rubber factory), which was founded in the 1960’s.

Through acquisitions and mergers, the company is now a part of the Amplex Group since 2001, and to this date we are a part of the business area of Amplex Lighting & Antivibration.


  • 1960’s  Sunne Gummifabrik is founded. Manufacturer of machine mounts and rubber components, among other things.
  • 1974  Sunnex Equipment AB is founded. The operations are expanded to cover the manufacturing of workplace lighting.
  • 1975  A sister subsidiary company is established in France and the US.
  • 2001  Sunnex Equipment AB is acquired and becomes a part of the Amplex Group.
  • 2007  Workplace lighting with LED light technology is introduced.
  • 2008  Production of lighting products and parts begins in the group’s China-based factory.
  • 2010  The product areas machine feet and workplace mats are transferred to the sister company Movomech.
  • 2014  Sunnex Equipment becomes a part of the business area Amplex Light & Antivibration.
  • 2020  The product areas machine mounts and workplace mats are reintroduced to Sunnex Equipment AB.

Business Model

Sunnex is the company of choice for customers looking for workplace lighting, machine mounts and workplace mats for particularly demanding environments.

We develop, produce, market and sell workplace lighting, machine mounts and workplace mats. We do this both in the form of standardized products and custom products and solutions for clients with very specific needs and environments.

In collaboration with local distributors and resellers we offer our high-quality products to clients all around the world.

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