Solus 6

For the industrial environments

Solus 6

High-intensity LED

Solus 6-series is suitable for industrial environments. The IP65 version is particularly adapted to harsh environments where dust and moisture resistance is vital. Typical applications: grinders, lathes, drilling machines and outdoor use. Solus 6-series spotlights have a flexible gooseneck style arm available in two lengths (500 and 700 mm). It can be supplied with a 100-240V AC/DC-adaptor.

Solus 6-series is equipped with high intensity LED’s having a colour temperature of 4000K which is suitable for demanding tasks. LED technology delivers low energy consumption and a long service life as well as high vibration durability and virtually no radiated heat from the light beam.



  • Focused task light for industrial applications
  • Tasklight for vehicles
  • Marine applications


  • High quality materials
  • Efficient light pattern
  • Rugged flexible arm
  • Durable design
  • High Colour rendering
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