Sunnex MHD

up to 5500 daN (kg)

Sunnex MHD

Improve operation and economy

Sunnex MHD

Sunnex MHD is the result of a market demand and a close cooperation with our valued customers. A compact design with a convenient mounting solution and long life duration.

Sunnex MHD increase your savings still incorporating our legacy with excellent anti-vibration and precise levelling performance.

This excellent machine mount consists of an impact resistant chassis with an included special nitrile rubber mixture. Sunnex MHD delivers a consistent force distribution via our robust and integrated pressure plate.

Designed to promise outstanding characteristics for stabilization and damping of vertical as well as horizontal forces.

Exceptional for medium heavy and heavy fast speed machines e.g. injection moulding machines, blowing machines, crushers, punching- and stamping machines, extrusion machines etc.

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